How to enjoy mealtimes your children and without worry

My Child Won’t Eat by Carlos González

It is a universal worry of parents that their baby or toddler is eating enough, as they all have an idea of how much their child should be putting away. Carlos González, who is both a paediatrician and a father, has set out to allay those fears as he explores why children often refuse to eat,  how growth charts are full of pitfalls, and the different ways in with a child’s calorific needs are determined by activity and growth.

In ‘My Child Won’t Eat’, Carlos discusses how eating problems first start and how best to avoid them, as well as using true stories from real mothers who describe the torment and the anguish they have gone through in their ongoing battle to get their kids to eat.

Carlos González reassures parents that children know how much they need to eat and explains why a parent’s only involvement should be in providing healthy food choices. Forcing a child to eat more than he needs can only lead to tears, tantrums and, eventually, possibly even obesity.

Questions Carlos González answers include:

• Why won’t my child eat?

• How much does a child need to eat?

• Why don’t children like vegetables?

• What does it mean to breastfeed on demand?

• When should my baby start to eat solid foods?

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Categories: health & nutrition
ISBN: 978-1-780660-05-9
Price: £10.99
Format: paperback
Size: 135 x 216mm
Page Count: 192pp
Publication Date: 14 February 2012

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