How to Choose the Best Online Game for Your Children

There are three things the average parent wants from an online game for his or her kids: it needs to be free; it needs to be non-violent, or at least to be something suitable for children; and it needs to be easy to download, or stream, and play. Tom and Jerry online games, like most games based on cartoon characters and cartoon worlds, fall perfectly into these categories.

There are two cost considerations you need to understand for every online game your child plays. One is the potential cost of the game itself, which may require purchasing before the child begins (this does not generally apply to cartoon based games, though in some cases you will find a charge appended to your app). The other is the cost in terms of data, which you pay for through whatever contractual arrangement you have.

Playing Tom and Jerry online games through a home internet connection is generally cost-free, in that most home internet connections offer unlimited reasonable use for a fixed monthly fee. Reasonable use of Tom and Jerry games, and other cartoon games, on a mobile device where the game is streamed from a site, is also usually within the data limits set by your mobile contract – though of course here you should always be aware that you can slip up to that data limit without knowing you have done it.

Finding the right online games for children can be a worrying undertaking – there are, after all, so many unpleasant and even 18 rated games out there, that a parent can wonder where to begin. Looking for games like Tom and Jerry online games, which are based on innocuous cartoons, is a great way to get kids interested in the right kinds of games, games appropriate to their ages that is.

Kids love cartoons – so games based on cartoons are likely to go down well too. Bearing in mind that the child, as well as the adult, has to approve of the game for this to work, that makes cartoons an even better place to begin than already imagined.

In terms of ease of play, online games for kids have to be simple to control and fairly data light – so there’s no buffering or connection dropping involved. This is particularly important when your child plays using a mobile device. Mobile connections are notorious for interrupting streamed content of all types – unless you live right in the heart of the city, it is unlikely that a continuous mobile streaming experience will go well for you.

You can, of course, link your mobile device to the wireless internet connection you have in your home. This is easy to do, and ensures that your Tom and Jerry online games run properly. It’s also possible to watch episodes of Tom and Jerry, and other online cartoon content, in this way – ensuring you don’t eat into your data allowance while you do so.

Tom and Jerry online games are ideal for children – based on a cartoon; easy to play; and a great deal of fun.


Tom and Jerry online games are ideal for children – based on a cartoon; easy to play; and a great deal of fun.

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Donna Baxter is a freelance writer based in Prestatyn. Donna has mastered the Tom and Jerry online games and is waiting for the next ones to come to the website. Donna is also a keen swimmer and enjoys reading.