Hospital Bag Checklist – what you need to pack for the big day

Pregnancy can go by so quickly can’t it? The joyful moment when you find out your pregnant, soon turns into morning sickness, the dating scan, a bump starting to appear, the gender scan, kicks, a bad back, heartburn and then it’s time! It’s then the day that your baby will leave the comfort of your body and come into this world. It is likely that you have bought everything for your baby and your home is fully prepared to welcome the new chapter of your life. But, what about your hospital stay? Many women find themselves in hospital for several days, labour isn’t the fastest or easiest process in the world after all. You are going to need many items in your hospital bag both for yourself and for baby. The hospital bag checklist below should contain all the items that you will need for your stay, to make it as comfortable as possible and before you know it you will be home with baby.

Your hospital bag checklist

–         Well first of all you will obviously need a nice bag with plenty of room and compartments.

–         A nightie, t-shirt or whatever you are planning to give birth in.

–         Dressing gown, socks, slippers and plenty of underwear.

–         Your hospital notes and birth plan if you have one.

–         Snacks for before and after labour and some drinks for during. Sports drinks are particularly good for labour and keep you alert and energised.

–         A book, magazines or MP3 player, the early stages of labour might be boring.

–         Water spray and/or fan to keep you cool during the labour.

–         Makeup, just a couple of products for them all important photos after your baby has been born, make sure you don’t forget the camera.

–         Maternity pads, it’s going to be a little messy afterwards so lots of thick maternity pads are a must, also don’t forget Nipple pads, cream and bras.

–         Toiletries including the basics, deodorant, toothbrush and hairbrush.
A towel, tissues and wet wipes.

–         Going home clothes but please keep in mind your not going to spring back into your pre pregnancy body straight away, comfort is where it’s at.

–         Nappies and baby wipes for when your beautiful baby arrives.

–         Mittens, a hat and socks for the baby and everal vests and sleep-suits, baby’s go through clothes quickly what with the array of bodily fluids that are coming out of them. Please pack several sizes because you don’t know how big/small your baby is going to be, some baby’s fit newborn perfectly but some are straight into 0-3 months.

And that’s pretty much it, obviously if you think of any other items that you need then go for it, but don’t go overboard. Not looking forward to packing your bag? How about a pre packed hospital bag which has all the essentials already in it? Good luck in bringing your child into the world and embrace every second, birth and the years to follow will fly by for you.