Horrible Histories Style Kids Cook Book Launched By Michelin Starred Restaurateur

Already being referred to as the Michelin star culinary equivalent of the “Horrible Histories” series, Monday 6th October sees the release of an exciting new food and cookery book for children and parents alike.

“Fabulous Food!” is the first in a series of food books under the GASTRONOMICALS brand name, co-written and produced by award winning TV and radio broadcaster and journalist Petrie Hosken and her sister Claire Bosi, the award winning Michelin star restaurateur and co founder HIBISCUS.

The book also features a foreword from Michelin starred chef Tom Kerridge 2* (The Hand& Flowers) along with contributions and recipes from Claude Bosi 2* (Hibiscus) Marcus Wareing 2* (The Berkeley) Shaun Hill 1* (The Walnut Tree & The Merchant House).

“Fabulous Food!” is the tale of two sisters, both busy working mums, who had an idea to write a food book that would appeal to children and parents. A fantastic, colourfully illustrated and exciting new book which takes a fun approach to food, providing education, recipes and information about farm to fork. The book not only teaches children about the history of food and its provenance, but is also packed with amazing facts, figures and stories in a language that engages with children that they will understand. It is designed for use by parents with their youngsters .


• Carrots can actually help you see in the dark?
• Watermelons are actually vegetables ?
• We traditionally planted patches of Thyme in our gardens to act as playgrounds for fairies?
• In Irish history, diseased potatoes were partly responsible for the deaths of over 1 million men, women and children?
• Why cutting raw onions makes you cry?
• 1 out of 4 British potatoes will end up as chips ?
• The Romans & The Greeks thought the cabbage had great healing power?

“Fabulous Food!” features mouth watering dishes and recipes, shared from three of the worlds top Michelin star chefs! This uniquely illustrated book provides an non patronising way of engaging children and their parents with easy to follow recipes to make and cook together.

The book features 7 Michelin stars and contributions from award winning Michelin starred chefs;
Foreword by Tom Kerridge 2* (The Hand & Flowers)
“This cookery book will help children and young people alike, not only to cook and have an interest in food but, for some, hopefully ignite a life long passion for food.”

Claude Bosi 2* (Hibiscus) “Both Petrie and Claire write with enthusiasm and light heartedness and manage to connect with the reader no matter what their age. Their relaxed and humorous style of writing combined with manageable, yet interesting recipes, makes this not only a great cook book, but also an enjoyable read. Young people have quick intelligent and versatile minds. I believe to capture the interest of those minds, you have to stimulate them. This is exactly what this book does, I also believe that adults will find Villainous Vegetables a hard one to put down.”

Marcus Wareing 2* (The Berkeley)
“Knowledge is key and this book provides it in a fun and interesting way for both children and adults alike, I shall certainly ensure my three children have a copy.”

Shaun Hill 1* (The Merchant House/Walnut Tree )
“Food is a joy.The transformation of raw ingredients to great meals is exciting and universally relevant. Naturally, the sooner small people catch onto this the better!”