Why you should consider holiday parks for a family holiday

If you are not familiar with Holiday Parks, but are thinking of using one then it is worth finding out a bit more about them. They are unlike other holidays in several ways and it is worth understanding how they work so you know what you are getting for your money.

Holiday parks usually provide self catering accommodation in the form of caravans and / or chalets. You are therefore expected to self-cater or eat out. There are likely to be shops and restaurants on the site but they may be expensive. Some holiday parks also have camping facilities for those who would rather use their own caravan or pitch a tent. There are a few holiday parks which are starting to offer hotel accommodation if you would rather not have to cook for yourself.

Most holiday parks tend to have a swimming pool which is normally included in the price of the holiday. They are also likely to have additional attractions and entertainment. These might include things like outdoor play areas, children’s discos, or clubs where children can do daytime activities without their parents. There may be evening entertainment, comedians, dancing, singing or things like that. These things are  likely to come at an extra charge.

Each holiday park will differ and even holiday parks owned by the same company may provide different facilities at different sites and so it is worth looking carefully to find out exactly what you are paying for and what additional things there are available.