Helloparty.com’s 7 Tips For The Perfect Kids’ Party

If the idea of throwing your little one a birthday party makes you want to lock yourself in the cupboard under the stairs and hide, you’re probably not alone. Your own children are often enough to contend with, but when all their little friends are running around your house or party venue too then it can spell trouble.

So, how do you pull off the perfect kids’ party with as little stress as possible? Here are a few tips from us to make the experience as smooth-sailing as possible:

1. Don’t Aim Too High

It’s easy to get tempted into going way over the top for your little darling’s birthday celebrations, but if you’ve booked a big top, complete with circus acts, hired a limo for a group of four year olds or have Mr Tumble himself coming over for a few hours entertainment, you need to call up and cancel. There is such a thing as ‘too much’ and our number one piece of advice would be to keep things simple and don’t get caught up competing with other parents. If little Jimmy had live animals at his party, it doesn’t mean your child has to as well.

2. Don’t Invite Everyone

Some parents think it’s compulsory to invite the whole of their child’s school class to a birthday party, but that doesn’t have to be so. You’ll have a pretty good idea of which kids your child is friendly with, so just pick their closest pals to avoid having to cater for more little ones that you can manage. We’d suggest inviting no more than 10 children.

3. Be Creative

Now, we’re not suggesting you go all ‘Blue Peter’ or ‘Art Attack’ here, but a bit of creativity can go a long way at children’s parties and it doesn’t have to be stressful. Make your child’s birthday cake instead of forking out for an expensive creation; even if it’s an absolute disaster, just cover it in icing and colourful sprinkles and nobody will know. Get crafty with the decorations too, with some simple paper chains or some personalised banners, buntings and posters.

4. Ask for Help

Although it may feel so when you’re cooking the dinner, washing the dishes and doing your child’s homework for them simultaneously, you aren’t a superhero and nobody expects you to be. If someone offers to help, graciously accept and don’t be afraid to ask for some assistance if it’s all getting too much. Even if you just ask a few friends or some of the young guests’ parents to bring a plate of party food or to help oversee the party, it’ll make all the different to your stress levels.

5. Leave Gifts Till Later

Any gifts that are brought by guests to your child’s party should be put to one side for your youngster to open after everyone has left. Letting them open everything in front of an audience can be quite overwhelming, especially when the other kids start wanting to play with your child’s new toys. The last thing you want is a broken toy and a crying child on your hands.

6. Preparation is Key

If you get everything set up the night before the party, or early in the morning, it’ll make the whole process a lot easier. If you’re planning party music, have the CD or iPod on standby so that all you have to do is click play when the moment arrives. Make sure you know the whereabouts of the candles and matches for the crucial cake moment and that everything else you can do in advance is done.

7. Clear The Space

If you’re having your child’s party at your home, make sure you move anything that could potentially get damaged or broken, like precious ornaments, vases and such like. Once you’ve removed the risk of breakages, the kids can run free throughout the house without you worrying every five minutes about what’s going to get smashed next.

So, there you have it; seven tips on how to throw a stress-free children’s birthday party. It’s never going to be the easiest thing you’ve ever done, but it can be just as enjoyable for you as it can for the little ones.

Gerry Connolly and Louise Boyer, founders of personalised party décor specialist, www.helloparty.com