Healthy eating with PackIt from TrendyKid

The freezable cool bag, keeping food fresh for up to 10 hours.

Just in time for the kids going back to school is the new product from TrendyKid called the PackIt. This is a freezable then reusable food and drinks storage bag that is made up of gel lines and is a healthy way of keeping food and drinks chilled so they taste better for longer.

The PackIt is compact and very versatile, and folds neatly up to be stored in the freezer until it is next needed. As well as being perfect for school packed lunches, it is also ideal for holidays, work, festivals, sporting events, days out, concerts, camping and any other reason why you would take a packed lunch. It can also be used for baby’s bottles, which is a great boon for any parent going out for the day with their little one.

There are no ice packs or ice needed in PackIt to keep its contents cools and fresh and it has a generous capacity of 6.5L. As the bag is made from non-toxic materials that are both lead and PVC free, PackIt is also kind to the environment as well as being totally safe to use for all members of the family.

It has never been easier to pack healthier and varies meals, and anything perishable is kept chilled at the right temperature, with the contents staying cool for up to 10 hours. This effectively means that any leftovers can go back in the fridge, thus reducing wastage and also saving money.