HarperCollins celebrate The Hobbit’s 75th birthday in style

2012 marks the 75th anniversary of the first publication of The Hobbit, and publishers HarperCollins are to launch a nationwide campaign aimed at encouraging reader to fully embrace the works of the great J.R.R Tolkien.

Tess Daly, a much loved figure from television, is to front the campaign, which is to include inspiring and itteractive activities across the nation which will coincide with the 21st September anniversary of the novel.

One of the events to be held in London to honour the occasion is an authentic hobbits second breakfast that will be held on Saturday the 22nd September is the Fulham Palace gardens.

These well known surroundings are to be transformed into The Shire, the magical world from Tolkien’s imagination, and Tess Daly will be joined there by some of the actors from the successful film, with names to be released nearer the date, and a unique reading from the book will be given.

Preceding the activity on the 22nd, over 29,000 schools will be invited to host their own second breakfast on 21st September. In addition to the school activity, hundreds of thousands of Hobbit fans across the UK will be encouraged to throw their own second breakfasts, celebrating ideals such as friendship, camaraderie and of course a love of good food which are core themes of Tolkien’s classic. Tips for how to host a Second Breakfast can be found on the official website www.hobbitsecondbreakfast.com.

The Hobbit  is regarded as a treasured family classic, and since its original publication in 1937 has not been out of print. The Second Breakfast celebrations will honour this enduring legacy and celebrate the joy this much-loved book continues to provide its readers.

Tickets to the London event on the 22nd are available by registering at www.hobbitsecondbreakfast.com. This is the campaign’s microsite which will host a Bag End of content, including rare sketches from the Tolkien archive and extracts from the iconic text.

Tess Daly said: The Hobbit is such an iconic book, loved by so many children all around the world; it’s wonderful to be involved in a literary campaign that celebrates its 75th anniversary and that encourages kids to get involved with reading.

“It’s certainly very important to my family and think we all need to be doing our bit to show our children how amazing reading can be.”