Harder To Be A Good Parent Than A Brain Surgeon

Dr John Coleman  has developed a completely original, easy-to-use, framework for parents of teenagers using his years of experience as a child psychologist. No one finds it easy to be a parent of a teenager… Why Won’t My Teenager Talk to Me?   offers a new approach.

Dr Coleman’s   STAGE   framework   will provide new insights for mothers and fathers.   It offers invaluable suggestions for parents about how to make communication easier, and how to concentrate on the things that really matter. As Fiona Miller, Guardian Columnist   comments   “This is the book for all who want to have a better conversation with their son our daughter.”

Based on well-respected research, but also drawing on Dr Coleman’s long experience in the field, the STAGE approach represents a break-through in the understanding of teenage behaviour. The framework identifies five key dimensions of parenting. The author outlines why these dimensions are essential components of family life, and advises parents how they can use the framework in their relationships with their teenagers.

The great advantage of the STAGE framework is that it translates research findings into a model that parents can understand. As Professor Tanya Byron says, “It will prove a godsend to parents”.

This book gives ideas and hope to those who are currently wondering why their teenager won’t talk to them and is an invaluable guide to the adolescent stage of life, as Dr Coleman says   ‘I have seen first-hand how damaged and stressful parent/teenage interactions can become. I wanted to offer a structured way of enabling parents and carers to become better informed, more responsive and more resilient as parents of teenagers.’

Suzie Hayman, Agony Aunt for Woman magazine, and Trustee of the charity Family lives.

“Why Won’t my teenager talk to me?” is the question so many parents ask. Here’s the book to help you understand why, and to help you turn the situation around. John Coleman has the knowledge and experience. Every parent should have a copy!”