Handheld gaming does kids more damage than previously thought

The days of children leading active lifestyles and playing outside seems to have sadly become a thing of the past with more and more kids opting to play using technology, and especially smaller handheld gadgets like the Nintendo DS, Game Boy and Sony PSP. However, while these are handy to keep kids entertained there is a disadvantage to using them.

Psychologists studying and directing family counselling have frequently stumbled upon problems in discipline among children who tend to play what they want when they want. These studies have led to many psychologists calling for instilling a crucial that is consistent and firm, which can make it easier to control the time kids spend playing on these devices and also help to eliminate the problems some families face.

With this in mind the Time Scout Monitor has been released giving parents the chance to track and keep an eye on the amount of time their children are spending on the internet and playing games. With this ability parents can limit the amount of playing time their kids can have and allow their eyes to take a break. They do this by setting a timer on the monitor that will shut the system down after sounding an alarm that allows children to save their game quickly.

It is also important to engage children in physical activity whether this being active play or taking a bike ride or a walk together as a method of allowing the family to bond and learn more about each other and their day. It is this quality time children and parents have together that leads to stronger relationships and more chance of rules and discipline being adhered to.