Halloween witch hunt offers great fun at Whitecliff Bay

Away Resorts, which operates holiday parks in the UK, is busy readying its witch catching apparatus for the visitors heading to the Isle of Wight Park this Halloween. The company is planning to provide a witch hunt experience to its guests in October.

Some of the interesting activities in young visitors can take part include apple bobbing, pumpkin carving, fancy dress competitions, and storytelling of the witches of Whitecliff Bay.

A hunt to catch the witches of Whitecliff Bay is planned for Halloween and children, who want to take part, will get the chance to make witch-catching equipment including Wanted posters, “witch-catching” spiderwebs and lanterns prior to the hunt.

During each making-activity session, they will be told a story about the Witches of Whitecliff and how they can hunt for them with their witches lanterns and spiderweb witch catchers.

On Halloween, the children will congregate with their mums and dads to go on a witch-hunt around the park – a member of the entertainment ‘s team will leave a trail of clues to their whereabouts – the kids will have seen the symbols prior to the event.

After half an hour, the children will find the witches and put them on trial. Once found guilty (and we know they will be!) they will be taken to the indoor pool to face their penalty. Witches don’t like water, so they will be made to go up the indoor slide steps and slide down and melt away – sort of!.

Other Halloween activities include the screening of Paranorman, Halloween -themed shows and parties on October 31 and November 2. These will complement the park’s existing programme of activities, which include a new-for-this-year production for the much-loved Away Resorts pre-school characters Bear in the Woods and his friends Lucy and Scratch with a brand-new character called Lucy’s Teddy. An hour-long ‘Play Live on Stage’ production (Halloween themed, of course) based on the format for Saturday morning TV programmes with ‘presenters’, game shows, dancing/singing competitions and a mini version of Bear in the Woods. This will take place at 7pm and is aimed at all the family.

A toddler-friendly version of ‘Play Live on Stage’ will take place between 4pm and 5pm just before toddler tea time with the new character Lucy’s Teddy will have her own adventures. This ensures the younger children don’t miss out on the entertainment.

 Other activities include:

My Active scheme for three-year-olds and upwards, which features activities such as pool snorkelling, abseiling, archery, kayaking, flying remote control helicopters, water walkerz, walking trails, cheerleading school, geocoaching (high-tech treasure hunting game using GPS devices), archery and body zorbing. There is also CheerleadingSchool and football coaching.

My Play activities which include Junior Geo (kids can pan for gold, make their own fossils, they also get sand-pouring souvenirs, dig for dinosaurs and a membership pack), Crack Pots (painting pottery, puppets, faces and hands) and Science Bugs (children can try out a collection of experiments and nature discoveries).

How much? Seven nights from 26 October in a six-berth superior caravan costs from £341, 40% off the original cost of the accommodation-only holiday, which was priced at £566. It works out at  £8.12 per person per night

Half-term prices for Away Resorts’ other three parks include:

Mill Rythe Holiday Village, Hayling Island

Three-night break from 25 October with prices from:  £129 for adults; £52 for 8-15-year-olds; £26 for two-to-seven-year-olds and are under 2s are free.

Four-night break from 28 October with prices from: £139 for adults; £56 for 8-15-year-olds; £28 for two-to-seven-year-oldsand are under 2s are free.

Tattershall Lakes Country Park, Lincolnshire

Four nights from 28 October in a four-berth Comfort Lakeside Lodge costs £236