Growing up with VTech Toys

Vtech has been around for over 30 years and uses high-quality and innovative educational toys, helping children from birth to pre-teen, to learn whilst having fun.

Babies and children will love the range of Vtech toys, as they turn learning into a rewarding and exciting experience, encouraging them to enjoy developing new skills.

The Vtech Crazy Legs Learning Bug, Roll and Wiggle Caterpillar and Crawl Ball are ideal toys for developing your baby’s skills, as they help with developing their fine motor skills, teaching them to use their hands for precise movements.

The Crazy Legs Learning Bug is an interactive pull along toy suitable for ages 12 months to 3 years; it develops your toddler’s reflexes and helps them to enjoy using their senses. This toy includes light-up shapes and a spinning bug that teaches shapes, counting, objects and music, it also introduces you child to appropriate vocabulary.

Once your toddler starts to develop further, introducing toys such as Vtech Storio Animated E-Book Reader, which helps children to start reading for themselves. Gadget the Robot and My Laptop, suitable for those aged 3 years+, are great for encouraging logical thinking, visualisation and hand-to-eye-coordination by using friendly characters to enhance these valuable skills.

The Storio Animated E-Book Reader is an interactive animated storyteller which encourages children to learn by watching stories, playing reading games and using the story dictionary. This is great for encouraging your child to read on their own; they can also work at their own pace due to the games and voice prompts and, with the engaging graphics and visualisation activities, this helps to develop memory.

The Vtech Innotab 2 Learning Tablet, suitable from 4 years+, is also a fantastic interactive handheld toy, which combines educational games, fun activities and e-books on a touch-screen tablet, as well as a rotating self-portrait camera and microphone. This helps to develop core skills in reading, spelling, maths, logic and creativity.