Green Projects Competition 2009

If we want to protect the planet, more of us need to get involved! This is why DiscoveryBox is organising another Green Projects competition this year. DiscoveryBox launched its first Green Projects competition in 2004, so this is the 6th edition!

What are Green Projects?

They are projects that protect nature and the environment. Green Projects are a way for a class, a club or group of children to do something positive to protect nature. Last year some children cleaned up a wood, while others put up nesting boxes. Other groups planted trees around their school. This is run in conjunction with local schools and so the support of staff, teachers and pupils is needed to make it a success.

Green Projects 2009: build an island of green!

This year DiscoveryBox is asking everyone to build a little nature corner, where insects and birds and other kinds of wildlife can live. It could be in a garden, the school playground…You can even set one up in a window box!

The top 10 projects chosen will receive a chaque for £100 to help them set up their nature corner.

Who can take part?

Children from all around the world, as a class, nature club or group of friends, as long as an adult is involved.

When is the competition?

It will run during the school year 2008-2009. A complete report describing the project should be sent by 1st March 2009. Then children have the rest of the school year, until July 2009, to carry out their project.

How to take part?

Please go to or check out the December issue of DiscoveryBox for full details.

For more information: