Grandmother courses for grandmothers to be launched by grannynet

The grandmother site, grannynet, is launching a course for grandmothers-to-be. It is designed as a refresher class for grannies taken alongside the mother-to-be; the classes aim to equip the ‘granny graduates’ for their role as a grandparent and inform them on all things relating to modern parenting. Endorsed by Mothercare, the classes are being run by a registered Midwife and the team behind grannynet.

The inaugural grannynet course will be held in The Old School in Cuckfield, from 10am until 4pm on Saturday, 9th October. The class will cover topics such as issues surrounding feeding and sleeping, the latest guidelines on basic first aid as well as the minefield that is modern-day equipment. The class aims to give the granny graduates the confidence to be really ‘hands on’ when the baby arrives. A second class is also being planned, aimed at those about to become ‘granny-carers’ – the army of grandparents providing crucial childcare to one in three working mothers . This class will discuss issues relating to weaning, learning and discipline.

Another important role that the course will play is in forging relationships amongst the grandmothers. These substantial communities of over-fifty-year-old women, who are caring for their grandchildren, are currently fulfilling their roles with no support network. Grannynet hopes that their courses will establish a meeting place for today’s grandparents, in the same way that the National Childbirth Trust has for mothers.

Grannynet was established in 2007 by Verity Gill, as a community-based website aimed at British grandmothers that look after their grandchildren. Commenting about the grannynet course Verity says: “We are really excited about the launch of this initiative. My mother cares for my two children one day every week and would have loved the opportunity to go on a course like ours. From everyday issues, like how to secure a baby in one of the latest car seats, to vital information such as which and how much over the counter medicines to administer, we hope to make sure our grannies are fully armed to do the best possible job they can for their growing families.”

The grannynet course is being offered at a special introductory price of £100 per couple. Refreshments & lunch are included. To sign up please call Charlotte on 07956 227877 or email

To register your interest in a future grannynet class and to become a member, visit grannynet