GP Taylor’s, The Doppleganger Chronicles, aiming for reluctant readers

Teachers and parents have welcomed G P Taylor’s new book which is specially designed for children who struggle with reading. The Doppleganger Chronicles – The First Escape by G P Taylor combines text, full page illustrations, word art, graphics and manga comic strip to tell its exciting adventure story. Each page is black bordered to keep the child’s eye on the page and to mimic the familiar computer screen. The pages are tinted cream so that children with reading difficulties find it easier to read.

Taylor who found fame with his international bestseller, Shadowmancer – soon to be a Hollywood film -is a passionate advocate of reading; he visits around 250 schools each year talking to some 20,000 children – aiming to get them interested in books. Eleven year old Hannah Gerard had a reading age of 7 and would ‘switch off’ whenever she encountered a book as her dyslexia and special needs made reading tedious. But Taylor’s visit to her school inspired her to try The Doppleganger Chronicles. Her mum, Trish says, ‘It was the first time that she’d ever grasped a book, and she read it all from cover to cover and even wrote a final chapter of her own. The teachers were astonished…It was the mixture of words and illustrations that made her want to read it. And now she’s talking about reading Harry Potter next – it’s almost a miracle.’

Another parent has written to the author to say, ‘My son is almost 13, has ADHD and has a real hard time staying focused, so reading is a chore for him. He is totally into The DoppleGanger Chronicles! When he’s not doing his schoolwork, he has his nose in that book! We’re so happy to see him enjoying a book on his own!’

Claire Williams, Assistant Principal at Ninestiles Technology College, said, ‘We have been extremely fortunate to trial The Dopplerganger Chronicles – The First Escape at our school. The children have been so excited by the book. We have set aside 25 minutes every day to read it and that is not enough, as we have children begging to take it home. We even have a waiting list of children who want to read the book. It’s not often that reading can cause such a buzz.’