How to be a Good Friend Right After the Birth of a Baby

The little sighs. The coos. The sweet faces.

The nappy changes. Oh wait, that last one is why it’s better to be buying a newborn gift than to be actually having the newborn yourself!

Babies are definitely awesome, and when they’re someone else’s, you get the luxury of shopping leisurely for that newborn gift, instead of facing the sleepless nights, the interruptions in routines, and of course, the diaper changes.

You know that parents of newborns are going through a lot, and that most likely they’re getting a lot of presents right about now. So how to find the parents — and the baby — something that will actually come in handy?

Here’s one way to find out: Ask.

It’s generally not a great idea to ask the new mother directly after the birth, since she’s likely to be pretty overwhelmed. (Unless she’s one of those superhuman women we all envy!) But perhaps there are other people in her close circle who know that she didn’t have time to get out and buy a baby record book before the big day, or that she’d love some more toys for the nursery.

In other words, try to be helpful and get a newborn gift the family actually needs, but don’t be that annoying friend who adds more stress to the situation!

With any luck you’ll land on just the right newborn gift for the new family — and if you need some help, check out the offerings on Find a Present UK.