Giving your little girls bedroom a Disney Princess makeover

If you have a little girl, odds are that a Disney Princess is one of her very favourite characters; there are few little girls who don’t dream of being a princess, and Disney’s princesses are hard to resist.

From Cinderella to the Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty and other ageless and cherished tales, little girls are enraptured by the idea of beautiful princesses who reign over loyal, loving subjects.

It follows that your princess will be delighted with her own little realm that you can create – her bedroom. This is her castle and country, and it can be whatever her imagination conceives, with a bit of help from the decorator. If she has a special favourite in the princess category you can make that one the theme of the room, but she may prefer them all to appear.

You should probably start with walls and colour scheme; pink and white are perennial favourites but don’t overlook other lovely hues such as lavender or soft spring green or any other pretty pastels for background. You can get murals of every character and scene in any of the Disney films for the walls.

Of course the bed will be the focus and pivotal area of the room; that’s where the princess will spend a lot of time, after all. If you have an unlimited budget you can get a custom made four-poster canopy bed, or something along those lines.

Most parents can’t go quite that far, but any well-made, comfortable bed will be just fine – all you need is a bedspread that enfolds your princess in her favourite visions.