Gifts for a baby shower

There are many different choices for gifts for a baby at a baby shower that it can be at times difficult to decide what to choose. When you are buying a gift for a baby shower make sure you take a look at the baby registry to make sure you get something that is needed. If there is not a registry you can ask them directly what they need or a member of their family that is close to them.

Babies use an incredible amount of nappies and there is never too many. This gift, whether they are cloth or disposable nappies is also much appreciated and put to very good use. When you purchase nappies that are disposable, do not buy newborn since they are only useful for about the first month.

For a baby shower size 3 is probably the most useful and popular. Another great idea is to get them a gift certificate for an online disposable nappy delivery service so they can just order them when they need them. If cloth nappies are used you can buy a starter set that includes liners plus the outer shell. Today’s cloth nappies come in a variety of designs and colours.

Another great gift idea is a receiving blanket. They are great for caring for newborns and should be purchased thin and large. Blankets that are wearable are also very useful to the mother and are warm like clothing, they also close with snaps or a zipper and are sized. There are studies that show they may help to reduce sudden infant death syndrome, also known as SIDS.

Baby wipes and bibs are essential for any new mother and two more items you can never have too many of, and baby wipes can help clean up messes and the baby. Bibs will not only help keep the baby clean while being fed but are great ways to catch all their drool when they begin teething.

A gift basket is a great idea since it gives them a number of different things to use such as nappies, bibs, skin care lotions, rattles and other baby toys. These can also include a practical and unique gift that is customisable to match the nursery theme or the baby shower.  A new baby needs so much stuff that it is very hard to go wrong, and it is also nice touch is also to include a little something for the mum.