Get your home clean and tidy in time for Christmas

Does Christmas bring you out in a festive fluster or do you relish the ritualistic rigmarole? Do you resolve to prepare for the festive season with the first falling leaves or are you more likely to manically make last minute preparations?

We all know that Christmas is about more than one day. Friends and family are certain to pop in on the days building up to the big event and are more than likely to still be consuming your nibbles and eggnog well into January. Take a look at for tips and ideas as to how you might sail a little more easily through proceedings.

At this time of year we all want our homes to glisten with seasonal cheer. Yet if your abode is looking more than a little humble then perhaps now is the perfect time to deal with the disarray. Don’t put off until spring what you can do today. Your decorations and festive finery may end up looking a little lacklustre if your home isn’t sparklingly clean.

In the build-up to the big day you’re sure to be a great deal calmer if your house is clean and under control than if the opposite is true. Putting up decorations in a panic and standing cards on dusty sideboards isn’t conducive to a harmonious and happy holiday period.

Your decorations won’t be displayed in the most effectively light if they’re competing for space with cobwebs. A thorough polish of surfaces and sideboards will create a clear and clean canvass upon which to stage nativity characters, cards and other Christmas decorations.

Encourage your children to keep their rooms clean and tidy as well. The threat of Father Christmas failing to put in an appearance can work wonders when the little ones are less than keen to comply. Create some space for the new gifts that your children are due to receive. Get rid of broken bits and pieces and set aside unwanted items for second hand sale or donation.

It is very important to try and get on top of your chores. The fewer humdrum household jobs you have to deal with, the more able you’ll be to concentrate on the myriad yuletide tasks at hand. If you begin with the basics then your home will feel more under control and you’ll be able to embark on the festivities with a little more enthusiasm.