Future Football Stars get help to Improve their skills

Future Football Stars get help to Improve their skills

We have now moved a long way from kicking a ball between two piles of jumpers with the  NEW Football Flick Urban is a multi-function game hub that aims to improve players touch and control, passing accuracy and football skills.

Since its launch on The Soccer Store website, demand has outstripped supply for this innovative product. Managing Director of The Soccer Store, Peter Hart says “This product fits nicely into our range of football training aids.

The launch could not have gone better, with sales taking off right from the start, despite little marketing on our behalf. It seems that the public have found this a great training aid at an affordable price.”

The three elements of the skills trainer offer very different player experiences.

Firstly there is the Front Ramp which is formed in a smooth curved arc that can be adjusted to change the trajectory or degree of variation in the returned pass.

Secondly, the Rear Ramp has an angled flat rebound surface which can be rotated 180 degrees to change the flight of the returned pass.

The final element is a Net in the middle of the frame which is designed to be used as a passing target with the player making a pass into either ramp surface and then controlling the returned pass into the central net.

Whether playing alone or with friends, the skills trainer will improve control, touch and volleying technique.

Football Flick Urban brings imagination, expression and fun to kids, teenagers, young adults and families alike!