Funky and functional sunglasses and goggles protecting children’s eyes from UV rays

Little Terra specialises in ski goggles and children’s sunglasses that are able to filter harmful UV rays. The autumn sun sets low in the sky and this can be something that is particularly irritating to children’s eyes. Parents will find that there is a great deal of emphasis on protecting their childrens skin from the sun but it is important for them to remember that protection for the eyes is also essential.

Carolyn Budding is a specialist buyer for children at Little Terra and she has made a range of sunglasses that are suitable for all seasons. They are designed to be appealing to children and children wearing them will reassure parents that their eyes are being well looked after.

Ms Budding has said of the range, “The ski goggles and children’s sunglasses that we have chosen for this range are capable of filtering harmful rays from the sun and will be useful for children in the spring and summer but also in the autumn months.  Parents must remember that sun rays still shine in autumn, even if the temperature is lower. Sunglasses are the best way to protect the eyes but a sun hat would also be well advised. A wide brimmed hat matched with a pair of wrap around sunglasses is the best protection that can be chosen.”

“Design features such as soft temple ends and soft silicone nose and brow pieces embedded in the frame also make for a more comfortable fit. “Some products also feature an adjustable neoprene strap to make sure the glasses fit securely and don’t get pulled off.”

Little Terra has produced a free downloadable guide to help with the purchase of children’s sunglasses and goggles. Find out more at