From infertility to the delivery room

A surprising amount of women face infertility when they first start trying to conceive but the diagnosis of infertility is not what it used to be and there is still a great chance that you will end up in labour delivering your baby.

This is due to the fact that now there is much more scientific research regarding infertility and it is no longer a death sentence for a womans child bearing years, instead it is usually treated as a symptom of an underlying disease and once that disease is discovered and treated a woman can expect to find herself pregnant..

While labour and delivery can be one of the most painful experiences of a woman’s life, it is also usually one of the most rewarding experiences, especially after a long battle with infertility since the end result of a child is much more rewarding.

Therefore, instead of feeling depressed if you are saddled with an infertility sentence you should continue to push for research and a better diagnosis because likely there is still a path towards eventually giving birth to your own child. The truth is that in the end when your child arrives you will be so that glad you did.