Free Pelvic Floor Exercise DVD

Celebrity mum Ulrika Jonsson has recently spoken out about her experience of bladder weakness. Ulrika and leading women’s health organisations highlight the importance of doing pelvic floor exercises in order to prevent, and also cure bladder weakness.

A comprehensive guide to these vital exercises can be found on a DVD issued by TENA the leading brand for bladder weakness, called the Pelvicore Technique

Created by Professor Kari Bø, an expert in exercise science and physiotherapy, the Pelvicore Technique has been clinically proven to cure stress urinary incontinence in up to 70% of women2. The exercises will increase pelvic floor strength and core stability, tone the tummy and thighs, improve posture and improve your sex life.

Louisa, 29, has been following the Pelvicore Technique exercises for 3 months: “I’ve noticed that my tummy is much firmer and my confidence has increased enough to wear skirts to work instead of trousers. I don’t need to worry as much when I’m out with my friends that I might leak. I really do feel a lot more confident in myself.”

All women can get their Pelvicore Technique DVD for FREE by joining CoreWellness at or calling 0845 300 6466.