Free Kid’s Downloads

Children are expensive – clothes, toys, education, and everything else that they need and want costs money.  There are however some aspects which you can save some money on.

For example, why bother spending lots of money on story book CDs for them to listen to when you can download them for free online, especially as many of these are only listened to a few times before your child is bored and looking for something new.

Websites such as offer stories for you to download from the site for free.  You can then put these directly onto mobile phones, or ipods, or burn them onto CDs for your child to enjoy listening to. They make ideal distractions on long car journeys too.

On the storynory website, you can pick from a range of different story archives, and tales are grouped together – so for example, you’ll find 30 Bertie stories (about Bertie the frog), and 10 Katie stories (about Katie the ordinary witch) each gathered together in the right order.  Clicking on each story will let you see it’s duration as an audio file, and also allow you to read the words so you’ll soon know if it’s suitable for your youngster.  As well as original stories written just for the site, there are lots of well known stories here too from fairytales by Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm to Classic tales such as Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carol, The Cat that Walked by Himself by Rudyard Kipling and a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

There are all sorts of other things out there which you can download for to entertain your child too. is a site containing music for children which you can download for free. has all sorts of free children’s games on it for the PC, and there are literally hundreds of sites where you can download printable colouring pictures with all sorts of different themes. There are sites aimed at children or parents/teachers which specialise in themes such as Christmas, Easter, Cowboys & Indians, etc. and many of these have activities on them such as masks which can be downloaded and cut out for example.

Kids cartoons are harder to find as free downloads, but again there are still some out there, and although you might not get away with not buying any, it can certainly offer some free entertainment when you need it. One useful site along these lines is which is full of cartoons that are all public domain and therefore free.

If you have a kindle or other e-book reader, then free childrens e-books are quite widely available at sites such as these are mostly books which are over 60 years old, which means you’ll find classic tales by many excellent authors such as Five Children and IT by E Nesbit, Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

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