Free App Launched by CuckooMondo to Teach Children to Go Green

CuckooMondo has launched a free gamified app to teach children through the medium of story how to incorporate sustainability into their everyday lives. The energy saving app is set to be a hit with parents as it offers the potential of a £75 saving on electricity bills – all while the kids play and learn.

The app, PolarXS , revolves around the engaging storyworld of ‘The Pearl’ consisting of a series of six books available in eBook or audiobook format.  With an initial saving of up to £75 per home using the first app, focusing on light and appliance energy saving, CuckooMondo plan to release further apps encouraging savings on water and heating bills and reducing waste.

John McConnon, the founder of CuckooMondo said, “Polar XS is in testing at the moment but we’re expecting our first app to be extremely successful, and after that plan to bring out a range of green apps for children and adults to enjoy together.  Total savings from the use of our energy saving apps will be £350 per household, which is an amazing reduction!”

Having worked with a plethora of local schools and clubs, the resource has gleaned promising statistics, with children reducing their use of lights and appliances by 39% after engaging with CuckooMondo. Children also saved an average of 10 litres of water per household per day, increased recycling by 20% and reduced their use of plastic bags. The empirical findings motivated CuckooMondo to utilise all of their data onto an app, honing it in one accessible place and hoping to expand its reach.

The engagement of children nationwide has been flourishing, with students from Shiney Row Primary school in Sunderland making a host of successful savings due to their activities with CuckooMondo. The pupils were so keen, they wrote directly to David Cameron to share their findings and enquired regarding the Government’s intentions to go green, which received a response from Cameron’s environment office.

John said, “CuckooMondo’s goal is to introduce children to lasting sustainable habits. We aim to become the number one “go-to” resource for primary aged children when it comes to learning about and implementing eco-friendly practices. Children learn through stories about sustainability issues and what they can do about them, practice it directly, make savings and share what they find with others. It’s interactive, engaging and fun whilst also being highly informative.  We’ve already made huge stepping stones, with some schools changing their curriculum after seeing students’ reactions to our activities and receiving communication from Number 10.”

The company’s website has an array of resources to use to teach children about sustainability and the environment, suitable for schools, youth clubs, cubs, brownies or any community group or parent. With ebooks, cartoons, blogs and now the new PolarXS app, children can achieve amazing things and share those achievements on the online platform.

Signing up to CuckooMondo is completely free, and anyone signing up before Christmas will receive a free audiobook too. Book one of ‘The Pearl’ series will be sent as an audiobook  as a thank you for registering.

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