Food Science Parties for children from Splat Cooking

A new type of cooking party has just become available to teenagers and younger children thanks to Splat cooking. The company are now offering classes to children involving food science and molecular gastronomy.

Splat cooking is the biggest cooking party company in the country and this new type of party has been designed as a way for children to see the fun of combining science into food production. The company has been offering cooking parties for ten years and have run countless Cupcake Decorating Parties and Cooking Parties that have brought the joy of cooking to thousands of children all over the UK.

The interest in combining science with food has been lead by such chefs as Ferran Adria and Heston Blumental. Splat have thought that getting young people exciting about this new way to prepare food is an important step in their food education. The company is lead by Beverly Glock and there are they are currently offering three different types of parties which come complete with goggles and a lab coat.

For the younger children there is the Splatssploding Party which is aimed at those who are five and older. There are several different themes for the party that can be chosen from and all will appeal to young children. They will learn to cook as well as enjoying some exciting experiments.

Splattastic Party – aimed at 8 year olds upwards. Pizza, jelly and ice cream with a molecular gastronomy twist. How do you make ice cream in 5 minutes without a freezer? Can you make jelly set in 3 minutes? How do you make fruit flavoured caviar pearls?

Mocktails and Canapes Party – aimed at the over 12s. Non-alcoholic cocktails with suspended caviar pearls and a jelly with liquid centre made by reverse spherification, canapés, deconstructed chocolates and homemade chocolates.

The parties launch in October and will be available through Splat Cooking’s Franchise network and their team in London, Home Counties, South West and the Midlands and rolling out with new franchises coming on board throughout the UK.

Learning is also linked to different areas of the school curriculum – history, geography and science – with teaching about food growing, origins, food culture and food science and an emphasis on the use of seasonal produce.

Beverley Glock, Creative Director for Splat Cooking said  “this is a new and exciting field of cookery we don’t think it should be kept just for adults, it engages children who are interested in science to learn how much fun food and cooking can be.