Five essential items for a family holiday

Christmas is on its way again and plenty of families are making the most of the festive season by booking a holiday. Whether you’re planning a camping break or looking forward to a cottage retreat, there are some absolute must-pack items for any family getaway. So for the next time you’re wracking your brain about whether you have packed everything you need, here’s a look at 5 of the essential items for any family holiday.

First aid kit

Holidays are meant to be relaxing, stress free experiences. But as any parent will know, when you’re packing for the kids, you could be packing for just about anything. Unfortunately that can include accidents. A first aid kit is absolutely essential for keeping your family safe, whether it’s used to treat a scraped knee or something more serious. It’s important you keep the kit well stocked with all of the essential supplies and it can be worthwhile for a member of the family to do a first aid course so they’re completely confident using it.

Entertainment for long journeys

If you’re setting off on a long journey, take active measures to beat the boredom. Board games, cards and interactive games like ‘I-spy’ are all family classics. Computer tablets can be great for watching films or listening to music. Not only will it nip those familiar calls of “I’m bored” in the bud, it’ll also go a long way to preserving your sanity.


Unless you’re a super-human parent, it’s not unusual for holiday preparation to feel a little rushed. But just because you threw the clothes in the suitcase at the last minute, it doesn’t mean you have to look that way when you arrive. By packing a Steam, travel and cordless Iron, your whole family will look their best, whether you’re on the road or stopped at a motel.

Back up map

Nothing dampens a family getaway like getting lost. The kids are grumbling, the parents are bickering and someone almost definitely needs to use the bathroom. These days almost all families use a sat nav but be wary as they don’t come without their difficulties. Don’t risk the consequences and be sure to pack a back-up map and work out a rough route in advance.


If the kids are entertained, everyone is safe, your clothes look tidy and you have reached your destination – all that’s left to do is record the memories with the family camera.