Fish Hooks – New animated series on the Disney Channel

A brand new family fun animated TV show has launched on Disney Channel. ‘Fish Hooks’ chronicles the story of 3 fish who try to navigate their way through the choppy waters of Freshwater School, dealing with issues of growing up and friendships.

Milo (voiced by Kyle Massey)  is a cool, fish who’s loud and energetic. Then there’s Milo’s brother Oscar (voiced by Justin Roiland) who’s nervous and high-strung, and, finally, there’s Bea the goldfish (voiced by Chelsea Staub) the drama queen of Freshwater School who SO wants to be a star!

In the next episode, which broadcasts on Disney Channel this Saturday 13th November at 9.25am (and continues every Saturday at 9.25am), Milo shoots himself outside of the fish tank. Now the three of them are stranded in the pet store and must face the wrath of the store cat Wilford!  It’s up to Milo to put his selfishness aside and save his friends from sudden death.

You can head over to the official fansite to play Fish Hooks games and see exclusive video clips

Also check out this trailer for Fish Hooks.