First Choice launch new interactive tool for young animal lovers

Holiday company First Choice have just launched a brand new interactive tool that is aimed at the younger traveller who is also an animal enthusiast as it focuses on the different wildlife that exists around the world. Their Where in the World? Map lets youngsters look up precise information on different animals across the globe, and also allows them to find out what seasons are best for travelling to be able to see them.

The young travellers will also be able to find out fascinating facts about the animals such as their appearance, their size and weight and their eating habits, as well as being able to filter them by their type, such as land, air or sea.

Following on from the success of First Choice’s Eco-traveller programme (, which teaches children about the importance of sustainable tourism, the interactive map helps to educate children about where some of their favourite animals are and about the environment they live in.

The map has been developed with travel specialists Propellernet and animation company RamJam, so travellers can make suggestions of which animals they’d like to include (or even their favourite animals) and new information layers can be added and co-created.

First Choice Sustainable Product Manager Sean Owens said: “In developing this interactive world map we hope to engage with our travellers even more on the world around them, especially our younger ‘explorers’. This is a fun and innovative way to achieve that”.

Mark Henshall, Travel Content Director at Propellernet said: “It’s fantastic that First Choice is thinking so innovatively about how to connect with its audience and co-create content with them. Making this kind of project open only serves to improve it.”

The new map is now live on First Choice’s blog with animals that can be seen in destinations from whales in Malta, Griffon Vultures in the Algarve, Loggerhead Turtles in Cyprus to Kri-Kri in Greece, and Lions, Leopards, Rhinos and Elephants in Kenya, as well as many more exciting creatures from around the world.

Travellers are being encouraged to join the conversation on social platforms with the hashtag #animalspotter.