Feed The Children’s Breakfast2Live campaign

Children’s charity, Feed The Children (UK)’s, is encouraging people ‘to go to work on an egg’ and help feed children both in this country and abroad. This is the message for their Breakfast2Live campaign, which takes place from Sunday 20th to Saturday 26th February.

Cafes, restaurants, schools, colleges, businesses and people at home can get involved by staging breakfast events during that week to raise money for the charity’s life saving projects in developing countries and breakfast clubs in this country.

Children in this country benefit from the charity’s work by being given breakfast to start their school day, which is known to help both behaviour and learning. In Africa the charity focuses on helping to protect and feed children – it costs just 17p to feed a child for a day or £5 for a month.

As charity chief executive officer Brian Main explains, “The egg is the start of life and we want to make sure that life goes on in the countries we serve and that disadvantaged children in this country make the most of their school day by being fuelled up by breakfast. We don’t mind what is on people’s breakfast menus but we thought that eggs, whether they be fried, scrambled or in an omelette would remind people of Feed The Children!”

The charity has a number of ideas that people can use:
· You can host a breakfast and invite friends (get items donated and then charge a small fee of say £5.00 per breakfast).
· Restaurants and cafes can donate a small percentage of the price of a special ‘Breakfast2Live’ on the menu to the charity, or have a collection tin on the day and ask for donations to the charity from everyone eating in the restaurant.
· If you have regular coffee mornings, make a batch of cakes or breakfast muffins, invite your friends along and if everyone pays about £1.50 for a cup of tea or coffee and a muffin you can raise money that way.
For more ideas go to http://www.breakfast2live.org.uk or to take part, call Feed The Children now on 0118 932 0095 for more information.

Feed The Children works worldwide, as well as within the UK, to develop sustainable communities and provide food and other necessities for those in great need. The charity concentrates aid on children suffering the affects of poverty, especially those orphaned or abandoned. The charity believes that wherever there is famine, conflict, disease or poverty, it is always the children who are most vulnerable.

Feed The Children (UK) registered in 1994 and over the years the charity has helped millions of children and their families both at home and abroad. The charity relies on gifts from generous companies, individuals and organisations to donate the goods and financial assistance needed in order to support the various humanitarian and relief projects.