Feber Slide 10 Offers Water Fun

From one of the best outdoor kid’s toy specialist from Spain, comes to give you the ultimate fun experience this summer. Feber is introducing their newest outdoor toy the Slide 10 with water. Kids will definitely enjoy the excitement and thrill of awesome outdoor play – absolutely perfect for summer fun parties!

The slide has many lively colours and it can be assembled as a normal slide or just a hosepipe connected from the top making it extra wet, extra fast water slide which will add more fun to your summer.

The slide sections have high banister edges that will ensure your kids’ safety on their way down. It also has robust construction that offers the highest stability when it’s being used, the complete slide weighing in at 14.5 kgs. Meanwhile the blue orange, bright green colours from the good quality plastic’s moulded parts can withstand temperature changes and sunlight.

When not in use, the 1.76-metre long slide can be easily folded for secure storage.

Suitable from 18 months old, the guide retail price of the Feber Slide 10 with Water is £99.99.

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Children love pretend play and emulating adults, creating their own imaginary world, where they can drive their own cars, motorcycles or 4×4 off-road vehicles and play in their very own house.

Feber toys help children to develop their imaginations, interact and communicate while stimulating strong physical and mental co-ordination. By enabling children to enjoy a certain adventurous and creative freedom, even the very youngest will gain in confidence and independence.

With their extensive range of battery-powered vehicles, ride-on toys, play-houses and garden toys, Feber helps young children to nurture and grow these vitally important skills as part of their independent, imaginative, creative, social and linguistic development.

Safety, comfort and innovation are overriding design features found in all Feber toys. The toys vary in recommended age ranges from one to seven years old.