Family holiday ideas

If you are planning bext summer’s holiday then why not take a closer look at Turkey, Majorca, or Egypt. There are so many interesting attractions and places to visit that everyone of all ages will enjoy their getaway and build fascinating memories to last a lifetime. Furthermore, they all provide excellent value for money.

TURKEY is surrounded by four seas, has the famous Blue Lagoon, many national parks, and over 8000 km of beautiful beaches. It is said that the waters of the Cesme peninsula are health-giving, and Dalyan has famous mud baths.

The holy cities of Harran and Sanli Ura, where Abraham is thought to have lived, have a 10,000-year heritage. Mount Ararat is said to be the resting place of Noah’s ark. King Antiochus’ mausoleum is on the top of Mount Nemrut, and in Didyma are the ruins of Apollo’s famous temple. The city of Troy was immortalized by Homer, and Moorish Istanbul has many special sights. King Mausolos’ mausoleum and the Temple of Artemis are two of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

The southern coast (known as the “Turkish Riviera”) is where you’ll find the most five star hotels and world-class golf courses. Many of these areas were originally small fishing villages.

You can take a guided cycling tour through pine forest trails, country paths, the Aegean Sea coastline, the Turquoise Coast, and more. The ancient cities and quaint villages feature folk music, castles, tombs, temples, theaters, art centers, colorful bazaars, and fish markets.

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MAJORCA is in the Mediterranean Sea and is Spain’s largest island. It has amazing beaches, a warm climate, and the Tramuntana Mountains. The capital city of Palma de Mallorca has a giant Gothic cathedral, Arab baths, the Bellver Castle, and boutiques which feature beautiful linens, leather goods, perfumes, and porcelain.

Valldemossa has the Royal Carthusian Monastery, built in 1399, where Frederick Chopin wrote some of his masterpieces and George Sand wrote her A WINTER IN MAJORCA in 1838-1839 when they rented a monk’s cell. His piano is still there, and a 15 minute piano concerto is given. You can explore the cells, chapel, gardens, and in the pharmacy the potions and drugs appear the same as they did 100 years ago.

Take a train ride to Soller in a brass-fitted and mahogany-paneled vintage railcar, again almost a century old, through the mountain tunnels. It is a 1 1/2 hour trip, and there are five trains a day.

The Caves of Drach are one of Majorca’s most visited sites, and a boat trip through the world’s largest subterranean lake and huge cave system features a lighting system that sets off the stalactites and stalagmites.

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EGYPT is known for its Passage of the Red Sea in the Bible, and you can still go diving in this world’s northernmost tropical sea and explore it in a famous underworld adventure of over 1,000 species of marine life. Sharm el Sheikh on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula is a well-known diving center with the world’s northernmost coral reef and magnificent underwater sights that can be seen when snorkeling. The market in town is a delight for shoppers and features spice shops with their aromatic tastes and smells.

One must see the many pyramids including the Great Pyramid of Gaza, which is another of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and which is substantially intact. The Pyramid of Djoser was constructed in the 27th century BC and was the prototype for all the pyramids that were built after it.

Egypt’s biggest city, Cairo, holds the Egyptian Antiquities Museum with the world’s largest collection of over 120,000 Egyptian artifacts including gold, jewels, mummies, and is the home of the Tutankhamun collection.

You can go on a camel ride, explore the White Desert, and visit a Bedouin camp. You can attempt the difficult climb of Mt. Sinai and visit the St. Catherine’s monastery on the peak, where God was said to have spoken to Moses.

If you prefer to take a cruise down the Nile, the world’s longest river, there are many onshore excursions in many of the cities so that you are still able to view the superb attractions of this land.

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