Extra Expense causes half of parents to cancel after school activities

A new study by the leading discount website in the UK has found that just over a third of parents, 34%, have said that their kids don’t take part in any activities after school, and half of these have had to cancel the activities as they needed to save money. As part of the ongoing research into Britons parenting habits, 1192 parents took part in the study, conducted by discount website www.MyVoucherCodes.co.uk.

This survey was conducted to try and find out what parents attitudes were to after school activities such as swimming and dance lessons. When asked if their children attended any of the activities that were available, 42% of respondents said yes. While 34% said that their children didn’t take part in any of the activities at their school 24% said that took part occasionally.

When the third who had stated that their children didn’t take part in any activities were asked the reasons why, more than half, 52%, said that they had had to cancel activities that took place out of school hours in a bid to save money.

Furthermore, 8% claimed that their children did not take part in leisure activities after school hours because they ‘couldn’t afford’ the classes.  In addition, 27% claimed that their children simply ‘didn’t want to attend classes out of school’.

Of the quarter of respondents who stated that their children ‘occasionally’ attended after school activities, the majority, 48%, admitted that their children were ‘too lazy’ to attend the activity every time. Furthermore, 14% admitted their child didn’t frequently attend that activity due to the ‘expense’.

Mark Pearson, chairman of MyVoucherCodes.co.uk, commented on the findings:

“A previous study revealed that some British parents feel anxious when the school holidays are approaching due to the extra costs involved in entertaining their children. With this in mind, as a money saving website, we thought it would be interesting to see what other issues make parents feel concerned about money when it comes to entertaining their children.”

He continued,

“It wasn’t too surprising to see that many children are simply too lazy or don’t want to join in with out of school activities, but it is sad to discover that such a large amount of parents cannot afford to let their children attend fun activities. After all, not only do the kids have fun but the parents get a break!

“Sites such as MyVoucherCodes.co.uk can offer a great deal of support to parents as there are array of discounts on great products and days out; all of which will keep the children entertained at a fraction of the cost. After school activities can be expensive, but making savings wherever possible can really help cut down on the expense.”