Exercising as a family

As a family, it can be nice to go out and do things that are fun, and entertaining, and as a parent we always want to do what’s best for our kids and keeping them fit and healthy is something we strive for. Combining the two however can seem a bit hard, however there are ways it can be done.

One way you can look at helping your kids (and yourself at the same time) to stay fit and healthy is by doing activities together that involve a bit of exercise like playing outside in the park, swimming, having a go at sporting activities, going on walks, and generally making exercise something that you don’t think of as ‘exercise’ but just as fun that the whole family can join in with.

Many people worry that it’s going to cost them a lot to go swimming, play various sports, and generally use gym facilities, but this isn’t actually the case. Around the country, there are loads of leisure centres which are basically government run gyms where you and your family can go and use the facilities at a fraction of the cost it would be to join a gym. You can find a lot of things going on in Leisure centres too. Many have swimming pools, tennis courts, squash courts, table tennis, badminton, weights rooms, and other sports that take place within them, and some also have things like saunas as well.

Use of these leisure centres is generally very cheap, and for many people it can even be free to use some of the facilities such as swimming for example as the government wants to encourage us all to get fitter, and this is one way they can do this.

With all this free and cheap leisure and sporting activity close at hand, you could even make it a part of your weekly routine to do something active every week as a family, one week swimming, another table tennis, and then on to walking, picnicking and playing with a ball or Frisbee in the park or having a go at tennis or badminton.

You can learn more about exercising as a family at http://www.freegymmembership.org.uk/