Ever decreasing childhoods make parents job even harder

Parents that are attempting to raise children to be well-adjusted and healthy may face some new difficulties compared to past generations, given to the fact that childhood is becoming much shorter in terms of a social sense.

More than ever, children are the victims of continual commercial campaigns even if it’s not the best for them and free play is almost a thing of the past as they are rushed from one activity to the next just like their busy parents. This said there are two qualities that the modern parent needs to be familiar with; faith and courage.

Faith is important because parents need to believe that they will be able to raise their children and influence them in positive ways, even if there are difficulties to face in the process. Lack of self-belief will lead to leaning on others for parenting help and will also lead to parents that tend to over-compensate when life does not go right for a child, which can hurt them in the long run.

Courage is the other stand out element because it can be hard as a parent to go against the tide and to stand up to peers and the constant pressure by the media to raise children in a method that you may not believe in.

For instance, if you believe children do not need a mobile phone until they are older it will be hard to combat the millions of parents that have no problems with giving their children phones at age ten. Even worse, the will be continually standing up against your own child who will no doubt press the issue over and over again.