Emergency paediatric first aid training comes to your door courtesy of Hampshire Nannies

Taking care of young children, especially babies, is no joke, especially when faced with an emergency and trying not to panic is easier said than done. This is where enrolling in a Paediatric First Aid course will come in handy. No time for class? Don’t worry because professionals from Hampshire Nannies will come to you. They accommodate small groups but mostly work one-on-one sessions even at short notice

Learning the basics in a small group means dedicating six hours to the cause and is ideally suited to Nannies, au-Pairs and Parents @ a cost of £70 + VAT.

Going that little bit further for the benefit of your professional qualifications and your employee’s peace of mind means a twelve hour course @ a cost of £95 + VAT. This advanced course is ideal to add to your professional qualifications if you are a registered Childminder or Nursery Nurse.

The sessions will take place at a number of comfortable training locations across Hampshire or, if more convenient, can be arranged in your own home.

Very short notice and one to one sessions incur a small extra cost but are ideal for someone who needs the qualification for a new job, to apply for Ofsted registration, or because a parent has hired an Au Pair and would like them to learn the basics of first aid, for example.
The course covers all the absolute essentials of childcare including
• First aid kit
• Action planning
• Treatment of an unconscious casualty
• Resuscitation (Child, infant and adult protocols)
• Choking (Child, infant and adult protocols)
• Asthma and diabetic emergencies
• Head injuries
• Seizures
• Bleeding
• Burns
• Sprains, strains and fractures
• Poisoning, bites and stings
• Foreign objects
• Childhood conditions (e.g. measles, meningitis, croup).

The Hampshire Nannies Paediatric First Aid course is accredited by Hampshire County Council and carries certification that lasts for a three year period.
Make sure you are informed and equipped for an infant/child medical emergency even though it may never happen.
Interested? Simply give Hampshire Nannies a call on 01489 660640 or drop them an email at contact@hampshire-nannies.co.uk to enquire about the timing of forthcoming sessions.