Elementals’ new science project for kids Full STEAM Ahead!

Elementals, a social enterprise, is launching its new science project, Full STEAM Ahead! for children aged between 10 – 14 years old.  Dispelling the myth that STEM subjects are boring, the initiative brings science to life through art, games and stories.

Sponsored by one of the UK’s leading industrial gas companies, Air Products, the project can link nicely within the National Curriculum Framework for Key Stages 3 and 4 Chemistry Periodic Table syllabus.  Participating children will get the chance to transform elements of the periodic table into endearing characters known as ‘Elemons’.  The winning design will be converted into a professionally published character and incorporated into the Elemons’ ALLOY MODE game.  There it will take its place among other Elemons, allowing players to build alloys such as brass, bronze and ultimately stainless steel.

Equipped with knowledge and enthusiasm, Air Products’ legion of employees, volunteering as science ambassadors, will bring the Full STEAM Ahead! project to life in more than 25 schools.

“Capturing the imagination of children is a must,” commented Eiman Munro, co-founder of Elementals, “Full STEAM Ahead! does just that and it appeals to such a varied audience by combining the arts with science.”

Full STEAM Ahead! is the latest addition to a number of Elementals’ STEM-based educational games, including the trump-style Top Careers in Engineering card game also sponsored by Air Products.

For further information: www.elementalpublishing.co.uk