Educational Learning Limited new games offer family fun with bite

Basildon in Essex is the home of the new company named Educational Learning Limited, who are taking great pleasure in launching two card games that are both educational and exciting. The names of these games are ‘Wildcat’ and ‘Dinohistoria’.

These games are both fun and entertaining as are also educational as they help with literacy, numeracy, memory recall, colour recognition, as well as helping to develop interpersonal and social skills. Wildcat also supports those key skills of exploring and observing, while Dinohistoria also shows a geological timescale.

These games are great fun for both children and adults to play, and whatever the age the players will find them both entertaining and interesting. The Anglia Ruskin University has evaluated Wildcat by getting children to play it and the excellent feedback states that it has the potential of underpinning the school curriculum and will work well in primary schools where it was tested.

They then evaluated Dinohistoria whose feedback is just as good, they said that although it was a different game in the way that it played and the information it gave, it still gave similar benefits to Wildcat. Top Toys have also evaluated them and given them a ‘recommended’ award. They stated that both girls and boys enjoyed the games, particularly when it came to comparing facts.

Family and friends will ‘roar’ with success, learning details about animals, past and present as well as have fun while playing these entertaining educational games.

Wildcat (4 suits) has 3 levels of play, using actual licensed photographs and has facts about the cats from around the world.

Dinohistoria (5 suits) has 56 vivid illustrations licensed by the Picture Library of the Natural History Museum, London, (including over 30 dinosaurs, many of them familiar) covering the period from 4.6 billion years to 10,000 years ago, with details about them too.

Additional games can be played from Age 5+, Pairs, Snap, King of the Jungle, The Big Cat game and Roar of the Dinosaurs, as listed on the company’s website, , whilst the actual games are for Ages 7+.

Adults enjoy the games too and play them with children which will also enhance enjoyment and learning.

Jeffrey Goodwin Director says  “All of my life I have enjoyed playing and designing games which always had a competitive and/or educational value.  In 2006 after major heart surgery I decided to bring out games to a high quality specification with the following benefits: Fun and entertaining; High quality pictures; No-one knocked out of games; Good educational value which the whole family would enjoy. I formed Educational learning Limited and have further games in pipeline, including board games and those to help with languages.”