Eden: The Eighth Day is Sally Mitchell’s debut fantasy teen novel

In her exhilarating debut novel, Eden: The Eighth Day , Sally Mitchell reimagines the story of creation, expertly weaving in fantastical elements to create a frightening dystopian world where chaos reigns and the human race suffers at the hands of vengeful gods.

‘So you think that if we live by some ancient rules, the gods will honour their promise to return the lands to us? I’m not so sure they’re even watching over us anymore.’

In the wake of a devastating divine apocalypse, only the empire of Mendacia remains as the last bastion of mankind. Trapped beneath a fire-lit sky and surrounded by a molten river, the city finds itself under siege and at the mercy of the gods. Worse still, the tyrant emperor, Malum Dolus, reigns over the people of Mendacia with an army of demons, whose brutality is used to maintain the order and total subjugation of his people.

The only salvation for Mendacia’s citizens lies within a most unlikely hero: Vita Dulcus, town outcast and suspected witch,she is the last person anyone would look to for aid. But fate works in mysterious ways; when Vita discovers the truth about her ancestors, she discovers that she holds an old and powerful magic within herself. Her inner strength and burgeoning love for the emperor’s son, Kayin, allows Vita to persevere through the evil surrounding her and overcome her tragic past, but will she be able to release Mendacia from the cruel hands of the gods?

Author Sally Mitchell was raised surrounded by the magic of the Yorkshire dales; a setting which helped to nurture her natural creative talent and interest in astrology. After leaving a career in nursing, she began to study psychology, even winning an award for her undergraduate degree. However, after becoming a single parent, Mitchell’s ambition took her in yet another creative direction and her blossoming writing career began.