Don’t try and turn your child into a ‘potty prodigy’

It is normal to want to brag about your baby, whether they walk early, talk early or can count to ten before they are 2, we all want our offspring to be ahead of the rest. The latest trend, however, is being slammed by medical experts as being potentially damaging to our little ones. Potty training is a normal step in child development, and there have never been any cut and dried rules where age was concerned, but the big thing now is to have a potty prodigy.

A leading paediatric urologist has warned parents that those who force their children onto the potty before they are 3 years old, are running the risk of causing their child to suffer from constipation, urinary tract infections and even kidney damage by causing them to hold on to their motions for longer than they should be at that age. Dr Hodge, a professor from North Carolina also says there are more accidents with early training as the bladder isn’t strong enough.

He said in a recent interview that no child under 3 should be responsible for their own toileting as they simply aren’t ready physically. Dr Hodge has written a book called ‘It’s No Accident’ to try and put to rest the popular myth that parents should be trying to get their child out of nappies and onto the toilet as early as possible.

In his book, he explains how toddlers should be able to relieve themselves is an uninhibited way and this is how they learn to recognise and respond to the urges in their own time. They will actually give indications that they are ready to step out of the nappy onto the toilet and if parents try to train them too early, eager for a potty prodigy, the problems that could bring in the future are potentially devastating.