Do Old Wives Tale family health cures work – Dr Sarah Brewer TV Show

Will chicken soup solve your family’s sniffles? Should you feed a cold and starve a fever? And is it possible to become immune to painkillers if you take them regularly? Find out by watching this live WebTV show with GP, mum and author of numerous health books, Dr Sarah Brewer.

Research has shown that half of women believe in family health advice passed down through the generations, despite the fact this may have little or no medical basis. In fact, outdated health myths picked up from our mothers and grandmothers could prove futile or, at worst, even dangerous for our family’s health. For instance, one in five women uses butter to treat burns despite strong medical advice against this.

With the cold and flu season now upon us, this WebTV show is your chance to share your inherited family remedies and find out from a medical professional if they actually work. Dr Sarah Brewer will help us separate health fact from fiction, as part of Panadol Advance’s Health Hearsay campaign – a medical myth-busting drive by mums, for mums.

Joining Dr Brewer will be busy mum-of-two, Fiona Joyce, from Panadol’s Mums Panel, which has been uncovering the nation’s popular ‘health hearsay’ and working with medical professionals to bust common medical myths. Fiona will be sharing some of the most popular (and bizarre) health remedies put forward by mums from the Mums Panel at Panadol’s last Health Hearsay focus group.

Dr Sarah Brewer and Fiona Joyce join us live online on Friday 27th November 2009 at 1300 to sort medical fact from fiction in family medicine.

Use the box below to submit your questions beforehand. If you have missed the broadcast, you will be able to watch anytime after by viewing below.

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