Disney Epic Mickey 2 Game

Everybody loves Disney, and in particularly a certain little mouse who is responsible for more pairs of ears being sold at Disney resorts than any other souvenirs. The mouse in question is, of course, Mickey and despite him now being well over 80 years old we still cannot get enough of this lovable rodent who has been through so many adventures in his lifetime.

His latest adventure, however, could be his most exciting yet as he teams up with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is a great new game for all the big games consoles entitled Epic Mickey 2; The Power of Two.  This second game takes Mickey and Oswald back to Wasteland, the alternate universe which is inhabited by theme park attractions and 80 years worth of forgotten Disney characters.

For the first time, however, Mickey and Oswald are teaming up as real partners, and sees Mickey with his magical brush that wields paint and thinners and Oswald brandishing his  all powerful remote control that lets him command electricity. This formidable team come across all manner of challenges and adversaries, and is a roller coaster ride of thrills and spills from start to finish.

A video ad has been released for the game and at first glance it would be easy to mistake it for a trailer for a big budget animated feature. We are taken into wasteland and shown the ultimate bad guys they face as well as getting a glimpse of the all conquering powers they possess through working as a team.


Disney Epic Mickey 2 is a game that many have been waiting for, and the fact that is has arrived bigger and better than anyone expected is very much a bonus. Everyone’s favourite mouse, and his intrepid companion, show that size doesn’t come into it when you are part of a team, and the power of 2 is certainly a force to be reckoned with.