Dick and Dom help out with some exam revision advice

If your children are about to embark on exam revision, chances are stress levels in the household are rising.

Whether you’re worried that they’re unprepared or they’re fretting because they simply don’t know where to start, the run up to exams and coursework preparation can massively stressful for pupils and parents alike.

From pupils that keep their revision tactics to themselves to those that demand absolute silence across the whole house and have an increasingly short-fuse when revising, it can be hard for parents to strike a balance in helping with revision.

But there are many ways parents can support children throughout this stressful time from making sure they’re taking regular breaks, having enough sleep and maintaining a healthy balanced diet.

New research by Omega-3 specialists Equazen eye-q shows the vast majority of parents don’t know what the recommended revision time is and many think their children can have their music or TV on when in fact many experts believe this can be a big distraction. The research also highlighted the need for more communication between parents and pupils as planning is key to a successful revision timetable and positive exam outcome.

So whether you need some simple and effective tips to help your child manage their time and workload or some advice on specific revision problem areas, check out this show featuring TV presenters Dick and Dom from Are You Smarter than a 10 Year Old. Dick and Dom answer questions and offer advice to help your children succeed.