Designer kids need a reality check

Over the years, designer clothing among children has become increasingly popular and there are many reasons why this has taken place.

One of the primary reasons is that children enjoy wearing designer clothes and this is due to two key psychological reasons.

The first is that it is a statement of their social status, wearing designer clothes shows that the family has a certain amount of wealth and this serves to improve their standing within school and other social environments. Secondly it also shows that the child has a certain amount of taste and knows the value of designer clothing above ordinary, unbranded clothes.

The first reason is largely due to herd mentality. Children see the adults wearing clothes by a certain brand and they want to have it so they fit in, especially if it is adults that they aspire to. The reason these brands have become famous is usually not because of the work done by the designer but because they have created a stable place in society with a certain reputation.

Both of these reasons for buying designer clothes is unhealthy and it is important that parents make this clear to their children. Of course, parents want to buy everything they can for their children but sometimes the budget simply does not allow this.
You must tell your children simply that you cannot afford this type of clothing and they have to accept that. A good tactic can be to take your child to work to show them how hard you have to work for money and how few designer clothes your wages would cover and what they would have to go without to get them.

It is also important that parents set a good example to children and do not talk about branded clothing as something incredibly desirable. This will give the child the same ideas and this will result in them asking for expensive items.