Decluttering Children’s Rooms

Kids need things: toys, clothes, toiletries, special cots, buggies. You name it, kids need it. Anyone who’s ever had a baby will attest to the huge amount of objects you need to buy and store at home. As they get older, the situation just gets worse. For every birthday and Christmas there’s a new haul of toys and games. Growing quickly means that they get through new clothes and shoes all the time. There’s just no end to the amount of stuff required in family life.

As a result, having children can make creating a stress-free, decluttered home all that more difficult, especially if you’ve got more than one child. Parents just don’t have the time to be sorting and organising the home every hour of the day. But what if you like the minimal look? Or just simply don’t want to be piled up to the ceiling with your children’s possessions in every room? There are lots of ways to declutter with kids around. Here are a few ideas.

Start by doing one big session where you go through everything the children own and work out what’s important and what’s not. If they’re old enough, get the kids to do this with you to teach them about responsible ownership and what are real necessities. Getting their input will also help make sure you don’t get rid of anything too precious and that they’re fully committed to decluttering too. Take boxes to your local charity shop or sell things online to make a bit of spare cash in the process.

Once you’ve cleared a bit of space, make way for some proper storage. This makes all the difference in allowing your children to have a full range of toys without meaning they are forever getting under your feet. Try floor to ceiling storage units with a range of different sized draws. Put up shelves in an empty alcove or buy dual-purpose furniture such as ottomans that have a large storage capacity and can also be used as seating.

Now make sure to set up a system for maintaining your decluttered home. Create charity shop and recycle bins in places accessible for the kids so that they can drop things in they don’t need any more. Talk to them about the importance of decluttering and teach through example by getting rid of some of your possessions too. If you need some useful web resources to help you with this, have a look here.

Once you’ve had a good clear out and set up a process to declutter in the future, you’ll have lots more space and a much cleaner, calm house for your whole family to enjoy. Good luck!