Dealing with head lice infestations

It will come as a surprise to parents to learn that 36%, over a third, of children could have suffered from at least 1 infestation of head lice this summer. For those families who have been on holiday with children aged 3-11, the proportion is even higher, rising to 48%, almost half.

During term time, when children are most at risk from infestation, 35% of parents claim that they check their children’s hair once a week at least. A recent survey from NYDA® 92% dimeticone  a treatment that is proven to free kids from lice and eggs after only 2 applications, has found that vigilence drops significantly during the long summer break. Only one in ten parents keep checking heads through the summer, leaving thousands of lice and eggs undisturbed.

The six weeks of the summer holiday pretty much match the 50-day lifespan of a female louse, and during that time she can lay up to 300 eggs.

It seems that parents don’t associate holidays with the threat of head lice until they see their kids scratching their heads in the security queue at airport departures – which might explain rocketing sales of head lice treatments at airport pharmacies during the summer months, and the 14% rise in infestations in the first month after children return to school.

Michael Close, UK spokesman for NYDA® 92% Dimeticone Dual Formula –scientifically proven to FREE 97 out of 100 children after two applications, commented:

“The problem is that parents tend to associate head lice with the classroom, and mistakenly believe that their children are unlikely to become infested if they aren’t socialising with other children every day. But unless parents check regularly for lice, they only become aware of an infestation if they spot signs of irritation, such as head scratching. Our advice is to keep up regular checks and to keep the whole year round.”

The NYDA® survey also found that parents who do discover lice and attempt to treat the infestation are frequently let down by their louse lotion, with 64% of parents reporting treatment failure. A high percentage of lice – up to 80% in certain cases – are resistant to long-established treatments based on neuro-toxic insecticides. Meanwhile, several branded lotions – though not NYDA® which is 97.2% effective at killing head lice and their eggs – claim to work in just one brief application.  The truth is that 10, 15 or 30 minutes is simply not enough time for a lotion to eradicate both the head lice and their eggs, which are just waiting to release a new and fertile generation of blood-sucking parasites.

Not all head lice treatments are the same and large-scale clinical trials have proven NYDA® 92% Dimeticone Dual Formula to be the most effective treatment for killing head lice and their eggs – beating all other leading treatments, including Hedrin 4% lotion and malathion-based lotions.  Two simple applications of pleasant, safe, easy-to-use NYDA lotion are scientifically proven to FREE 97 out of 100 children from head lice and their eggs, compared to just 70 out of 100 children treated with Hedrin, 4% Dimeticone lotion.

NHS-approved NYDA® is available on prescription or it can be purchased at Superdrug in-store pharmacies, or at