Dads – Give Mums a Break!

For many, the Easter break starts this weekend, but a break for who?

A survey of 1,600 mums conducted by BabyCentre, the UK’s no. 1 parenting website, found that 39% of mums have never had a day off from their children and nearly half of those who have, said “it’s a guilty pleasure”.

Half of the mums said that they would think and worry about their children if they weren’t with them and 66% would spend their free time doing the housework or family chores rather than relaxing.

The biggest reason for having no me-time is due to lack of childcare, said 42% of those surveyed.

“As a mum, time to yourself is the greatest luxury of all. It’s interesting to see that 70% of mums think they’d be a better parent by getting some ‘me time’. I hope dads out there are taking note.” (Sasha Miller, Editor of BabyCentre).

Single mum, Sarah, said “If someone wanted to give me a treat, my favourite would be a day where I can bathe in peace, go to the loo alone, not watch Lazytown or spend two hours shivering by the swings.”