Cruises for Families

Having a holiday as a family is a time for doing things together, having some fun, and seeing some sights, but it can be hard to know where to go that will suit everyone, and where you’ll get good value for money. One option that is often forgotten are cruises. A cruise offers a lot of options in terms of where you can go, and there is so much to do on board ship that it doesn’t matter if you’re all ruggedly individual, no matter who you travel with meaning that there is almost certain to be something to suit every taste.

When you travel on a family cruise, you effectively travel in a floating hotel where all your amenities are laid on for you. As you travel across the seas, from place to place, you can enjoy fabulous meals, exciting things to do during the daytime, and interesting evening entertainments as well as sunbathing by the pool side, or strolling along the decks taking a look at the ocean views. You can go for a weekend, a fortnight, or even a month or two, and see many different parts of the world.

There are many companies you could choose to travel with, but two which are worth mentioning when it comes to family cruises are Royal Caribbean, and Princess Cruises. Both these companies offer excellent child friendly facilities on board ship as well as entertainments tailored to suit different age groups, and staff who are trained to work with them. There are age appropriate activities that children from the age of 3 upwards can partake in, giving ample opportunities for parents to get in a little rest and relaxation of their own.

Of course, you’ll want to spend time together as a family too, and Excursions are the perfect opportunity for this. At each port that you visit, there will be excursions available, and these will give you the chance to experience a little of the local culture and visit some of the many attractions that there are to see. Of course what these excursions are will vary a lot depending on where you are travelling. You might visit the Fjords of Norway, or the Great wall of China, go snorkelling and see the great barrier reef, or go shopping in India and barter for all your best deals.

Back on board ship each evening, and meals can be taken either in traditional cruise ship style with fine dining, or in the more relaxed atmosphere of one of the alternate eateries on board most modern cruise ships. An evening show, or perhaps another dip in the pool before bed, and you are floating off towards your next destination.