Crouch End Wildlife Photography with Wolves and Vultures

Animal Lectures is delighted to announce the second in its exciting series of contemporary lectures that will take place at Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre and will see a pack of wolves, a committee of vultures plus an assortment of spiders snakes and insects descend upon the hall.

The project has been created by Andrew in partnership with the Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre, and will be presented alongside expert animal co-ordinator Trevor Smith. Splendid still images meet live demonstration, education and performance art, taking a unique look into the lives of some truly amazing creatures.

“This fantastic series challenges our conception of the snake being intrinsically evil – the sheer elegance of the creature is brought to the fore” (Shortlist on Slitherstition – Andrew’s recent project on snakes)

Andrew McGibbon has worked on numerous projects with the aim of raising awareness about the way we treat the world and the animals that live in it. In his newest project audiences will be invited to watch Andrew create his new body of work while world renowned animal handler, Trevor Smith, will recount amazing facts about the animals and anecdotal stories of his experience with all creatures wild and formidable.

This is an exceptionally rare chance to get close to these incredible animals and to watch the process Andrew McGibbon takes to create his signature animal photography. This fascinating 90 minute event includes the photo shoot and a Q&A session with Trevor and Andrew.

The event, in keeping with its Halloween proximity will have an added spectacle of the Creepy Crawly Cavern. Held separately and running throughout the day this event offer hands on interaction with snakes, spiders, worms and other terrifying creatures. A chance to appreciate their beauty – or to to face your phobias….

Andrew McGibbon works primarily as a commercial and fine art photographer. Additionally he dedicates his time to shooting for non-profit organizations. He has been featured in Trend Hunter, Featureshoot, Shortlist. Wired, and Design Cloud among others. Andrew is making a significant name for himself as an animal photographer – His most recent well-known work has been the widely-seen tube #endbackstreetbreeding campaign for the Battersea Dog’s and Cat’s Home and a major campaign for the SPCA animal rights organization in South Africa.

Wolves+Vultures is Andrew’s fourth major fine art project, following Caiman and two other major works on horses and snakes: All the Wild Horses and Slitherstition

Andrew says “The aim of all my fine art animal projects has been to help people see an animal in a new way and thus, hopefully appreciate them anew. I want to help people feel connected to the earth, and help them appreciate that we a part of a system – a system that requires each part to live in harmony. Part the core aim of the project is to help people understand the need to respect and conserve these beautiful creatures”

“Vibrant, graphic shapes that showcase every scaly detail”. (Wired on Slitherstition)

Trevor Smith, Managing Director of Animals Work, is world renowned as an animal psychologist who works to ensure that any animals taken into a public environment only interact with the public in such a way that fits with their natural abilities, and works to ensure that all animals are comfortable with what’s asked of them in unusual conditions.