Creatures Baby and Toddler Bath and Body Toiletries

A new range of baby and toddler bath and body toiletries – Creatures – has been created using natural ingredients including remarkable Rooibos from South Africa. Rooibos (pronounced royboss) has been used for hundreds of years by the African “bush people” who realised its powerful healing properties when used in natural remedies.

The paediatrician-tested range combines Rooibos with other natural ingredients like camomile, lavender and aloe vera to create a gentle range of bath products that are PH balanced and hypo allergenic. It uses 100% natural fragrances and colours, and contains no parabens, petro-chemicals or sulphates, making it particularly good for children with sensitive skin, eczema or other skin conditions. None of the products are tested on animals.

The Creatures range features a sweet baby animal on each pack, with drawings by well-known children’s book illustrator John Butler. Each product also contains a different fun fact about the animals, which children will love, ensuring bath time is fun time.

With a beautiful baby elephant on pack, the range for babies is suitable for children aged one month to 14 months. The products are made primarily from Rooibos, aloe vera, lavender and camomile to cleanse, soothe and protect. The range includes:

– Creatures Baby’s Foam Wash (£9.50 for 420ml) – instant natural foam to lather up and gently cleanse away impurities
– Creatures Baby’s Shampoo (£8.50 for 300ml) – for a delicate hair wash that won’t cause tears or irritations; and
– Creatures Baby’s Balm Butter (£9.50 for 220ml) – enriched with Shea Butter, it’s perfect for massaging onto baby to soften, soothe and protect delicate skin.

The toddler range has been specially formulated for children aged 14 months to four years. Featuring an adorable baby giraffe or zebra on pack, the range includes:

– Creatures Toddler’s Body Foam Wash (£9.50 for 420ml) – for natural bathtime fun in a breath-easy formula as no synthetic bubble risers are used (it’s the clever pump that makes the bubbles);
– Creatures Toddler’s Shampoo (£8.50 for 300ml)– to gently cleanse and detangle the messiest toddler hair;
– Creatures Toddler’s Body Mousse (£9.50 for 220ml)– made with jojoba oil, this vitamin-rich, easily absorbed mousse protects skin year round from nasty dry patches; and
– Creatures Toddler’s Hand Wash (£9.50 for 420ml) – perfect for encouraging hand-washing after toilet visits but just as at home in the kitchen to clean up after finger painting.

All of the products are also available for purchase as gift sets in boxes featuring the animal illustrations. The sets include either all of the baby products or the toddler range and cost £35.

The products will be available from and from 1 September 2009.